Pat Robertson: The Left and Muslim-Americans "want Sharia law" to rule US

Pat Robertson complains about the nefarious activities of American progressives and Islamic groups and the ingratitude of the Anti-Defamation League of B'Nai Brith... all in one rant!

More here.

No, he's not constipated. This is Pat's "sincere" face.

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Hell, Pat is ALWAYS constipated!

Besides, how dare muslims or the left attempt to rule this country - That's HIS Job!!! ... or so he sees things!

To me, the only thing more astonishing than the utterly phenomenal bullshit that comes out of Robertson's mouth is that so many fatuous believers actually bother to LISTEN to him!

What I find even more terrifying is that people who are actually RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT are saying similarly insane things and are scoring points with the conservative base. I recall one comment about the left wanting a secular government, run by Muslims. I still haven't figured out exactly how you arrange something like that.

It seems as though the Religious Reich is continually finding new ways to move further and yet FURTHER to the right!  And they're dragging the GOP with them!

The GOP made a deal with the devil (so to speak) when it started catering to the Religious Right. They thought they could co-opt those hicks and ended up being co-opted by them. They're like the German industrialists who thought they could control and use Hitler but ended up... well, you know how they ended up.




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