Peer Reviewed Science Journal Retracts Suggestion That Jesus Cured Woman of Flu

The peer reviewed Virology Journal in reaction to a wave of criticism has embarrassingly retracted a July 21 article suggesting that Matthew 8:14-15, Mark 1:29-31 and Luke 4:38-39 are accounts of Jesus having cured a woman (Peter's mother-in-law) of influenza. The obvious question is how such an article could have been published in a peer reviewed scientific journal to begin with.

The retraction came after criticisms, including those made via blogs and a comment posted on the paper by Paul Gray of the Washington University School of Medicine, expressing the view that it was unclear how the paper met any of the normal standards of such a journal other than someone paid to have it published.

The Abstract and Case of the Article began with the following sentence:

The Bible describes the case of a woman with high fever cured by our Lord Jesus Christ. 

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Well good, it's bloody ridiculous.
On the bright side, it's good to know which journals are reliable and which aren't...
Any scientific journal article that starts out with "our Lord Jesus Christ" is bound to be bullshit and definitely not scientific. Did the local Catholic chuech do the peer review?
I think the editor and peer reviewers were all xtians (not to mention the author) and their publication of the article just demonstrated how far many xtians will go to impose their beliefs on others. I can think of no other explanation for them to have green lighted the term, 'our Lord Jesus Christ' in what was supposed to be a scientific article.
Great news of the retraction. Can you imagine the BS they would spew about "this article about Jesus in a reputable scientific journal said ..." and use it to convince even more weak minds to their foolishness.
On this topic, I was horrified to see a tiny report on MSNBC this am that stated something like, "Researchers have found that praying for a sick patient works better if you are nearby." I WISH I were making this up. I haven't had time today to see what it is all about/find out more. If any of yall come across this bullshit, I would like to know more.

You know, the funny thing to me is that even believers would try to publish (if they did) such rubbish. Do they really think their sky god looks down at praying family members and says, "Nope. You aren't close enough. No healing for you." It is the nonsensical equivalent of saying that prayers get anwered better when you are standing on your head.




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