Police: Boy used Bible page for joint

SANDUSKY, Ohio, Sept. 21 (UPI) -- Authorities in Ohio said a 16-year-old arrested for drug possession allegedly used a page torn from his Bible as a marijuana cigarette rolling paper.

The Erie County sheriff deputy's report said the teenager's mother called authorities at about 11:35 p.m. Tuesday and asked deputies to meet her at a car wash on Ohio 101 in Margaretta Township, the Sandusky (Ohio) Register reported Monday.

The mother told deputies she had seen her son smoking in his room and discovered a small bag of marijuana in his nightstand.

The report said the woman told deputies the boy "was smoking a marijuana cigarette using a page from his Bible."

Deputies confiscated the marijuana and the boy was arrested and charged with drug possession.

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Heh. That's funny.

But you have to ask...why was the fact that he was using a bible page, or for that matter smoking a joint, newsworthy?

Oh, and shout out to the town I was born in, whoo Sandusky! Home of the bad ass amusement park Cedar Point!
Is it not odd that the mother would also call the cops on her son. I wonder was she more pissed off about him smoking dope or using the bible
Finally, someone found something useful to do with the bible!

At least he wasn't using it to justify killing people.
No kidding. That is about the most useful thing I've heard to do with it aside from recycling it.

Correction: when I was in grad school we would collect those little green New Testaments from the proselytizers and use them to seal the stickers on our 96-well thermocycler plates. I think one was even getting used to level an incubator.

Wow, that doesn't make evolutionary biology labs sound too good does it? =P
He should have done something classy, like smoke Shakespeare.

Probably would have pissed off a lot more people, too. I love angry Shakespeareophiles.




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