Police are investigating threats made towards 16-year-old atheist h...

I've seen some of the threats made to this girl online and from my interpretation, there are some threats of rape.  I strongly urge anyone nonbelievers living in Rhode Island to honor this guy and help her in her time of need.

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Yeah, I've seen a few pages with several twitter threats of violence, from people at her school.  The morons don't seem to realize that when you're local to someone and pose an actual, physical threat, the police will take it more seriously, and you can be arrested.

at the beginning of Obama admin some xtian clut threatened to blow up cops at funerals..
here goes:


According to a recent report by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), the doctrines of such groups are often fueled by a certain "anger over the changing demographics of the country, the soaring public debt, the troubled economy and an array of initiatives by President Barack Obama that have been branded 'socialist' or even 'fascist' by the heated rhetoric of his political opponents."[16][17] Another SPLC report notes that the number of U.S. militia groups like the Hutaree have increased three-fold since 2008 (from 42 in 2008 to 127 in 2009), and the number of sympathetic groups has doubled in the same two-year period.[16][18]

microcosms folks!
Norway never forget that!
Toe up throw up the secular freedoms; they can hate themselves to their bitter realization they're wrong to mess with everyone's freedom of choice!


proof that when you back an ignorent person into a philisophical corner they cant get out of by reason, they turn vicious out of ignorance and habit. they show there true colours and act out of dogmatic belief.

casting your pearls of truth/logic before ignorant, dogmatic swine has its price....at least that much is true.

I believe http://www.reddit.com/r/atheism/ has started a collage fund for her. And some of us have sent her flowers as well.




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