For the first time in the history of the papacy, Benedict XVI takes part in a TV programme, taking questions from ordinary Catholics.

One question was from a seven-year-old Japanese girl asking why so many children suffer in natural disasters. In a nutshell, the pope's answer is that he doesn't know but suffering's okay because Jesus is with you, and you'll find out why one day.

Here's the Telegraph story with a video clip.

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Oh, gee, one superficial Q&A session with Big Daddy, and we're supposed to believe he's ENGAGED with the little people?  PUL-LEASE!
I watched part of the program and cannot tell you how disappointed I was. Benedict's responses were recorded and not live. His answers were Benedict Parables and not real answers. Suffering is not OK and the fact that nature is taking her natural course, the there are shifts in our great planet, that earthquakes are not the wrath of God is the answer.
He gave the much overused and evasive answer that one must simply have faith that there is good reason for it. The way he delivered it was as indoctrinating as the answer itself.
I have heard it explained that when people suffer, it is just their cross to bear, and zombie j will love them more after they die/when they die due to suffering.  Suffering rules!
I suppose a 7 year old might be safe near the pope if there are cameras rolling...




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