The Roman Catholic Church’s account of Pope Benedict XVI’s handing of a serial paedophile was called into question today when new documents emerged suggesting that his office was kept informed of the offender’s rapid return to working with children.

Contrary to statements released by the Church in Germany, a memorandum uncovered by The New York Times suggests that Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was told that a priest had gone back to pastoral duties in Munich a few days after he started psychiatric treatment. The priest went on to commit further offences.

The latest child abuse scandal to hit the Catholic Church involves a German priest, Father Peter Hullermann, who was convicted of molesting boys in 1986. Victims have complained that repeated warnings were ignored by the Church over decades of abuse.

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Would this suprise anyone? The catholick church is like a masonic lodge for kiddie diddlers.
No, it shouldn't surprise anyone. However, it should make it so the pope can be put on trial in some international court for crimes against humanity, and once convicted we strap him to a rocket and fire him into the sun.
Wonderful idea, but the sheep will never let it happen. Black kids get sent to prison for life for selling pot, but the most evil men in the world get off scott free. That's the way it always is.
I want to take a dump in the pope's hat.
Me too. That's why I'm gonna start referring to him as the Holy Poop.
I would do so as well, but I hate that word because I feel like a 5-year-old when I say it out loud, so I'll just call him the Holy Shit.
What about Pope Been A Dick?
Hah! I love it!
None of this can be true! The pope is holy!

Seriously, I would love it if he were put on trial. I don't think it will happen.
I'll call it a critical mass when there is a movement on for criminal prosecution of ANYONE, from priest to cardinal and even ol' Joe "The Rat" Ratzinger himself. As of this moment I am dubious that this latest outbreak will last long enough to cause the Holy See more than a temporary discomfiture. I can hope for more, but until the sheeple can be bothered to wake up, my serious fear is that Joe & Co. will slide yet again.
I have to be a glass half empty guy here as well. It seems like something like this breaks in the news, gets a few ratings for "news" shows, then two days later, when there's something shiny & new to satisfy the sheeples flaccid Brains...poof, gone out of the collective conscious.




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