The Roman Catholic Church’s account of Pope Benedict XVI’s handing of a serial paedophile was called into question today when new documents emerged suggesting that his office was kept informed of the offender’s rapid return to working with children.

Contrary to statements released by the Church in Germany, a memorandum uncovered by The New York Times suggests that Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was told that a priest had gone back to pastoral duties in Munich a few days after he started psychiatric treatment. The priest went on to commit further offences.

The latest child abuse scandal to hit the Catholic Church involves a German priest, Father Peter Hullermann, who was convicted of molesting boys in 1986. Victims have complained that repeated warnings were ignored by the Church over decades of abuse.

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Joe the Schmoe seems to think he can wave this all away, that his position and supposed authority are sufficient to dismiss charges and outright crimes by calling it all "petty gossip," which it is most definitely NOT. Apparently, he fails to see this situation from any point of view other than his own, and his tunnel vision in the face of so much evidence to the contrary may finally bring him down, if not his church.

Certainly, when attorneys general and ministers of justice actually start issuing subpoenas and arrest warrants ... I ... WILL ... CHEER. Until that time, the glass remains half-empty and I continue to expect the general populace to lose interest.
I'm with Phil on this one. The current news stories are just the crest of a tsunami that's been building for years -- and it's going to come crashing down on the whole Vile Vatican institution.

Living in Ireland (which has to have been one of the Catholic Church's greatest strongholds until now), I can feel the change in the air. People are waking up en masse. The child sex abuse scandals and the cover-up are just the catalyst. People are now feeling empowered to express their long-held anger at the Church's control of the education system, its manipulation of the state, its treatment of women...etc, etc. This is major -- the Irish people have been oppressed by the Catholic Church for centuries, and they've finally had enough.
Gotta love The Onion.
That's not too far off from the truth considering a recent article in which Joey The Rat refers to this international crisis as "petty gossip".
Meantime, Maureen Dowd of the NY Times has a suggestion to deal with the current confusion in Vatican City

A Nope for Pope

Certainly not the solution we'd prefer to see, but an intriguing thought, nevertheless.
Nuns wouldn't be any better, as the world has already seen from the cases of the Magdalene Asylums in Ireland, where girls were physically, sexually and emotionally abused by nuns, priests and non-clerical staff and helpers.
Aaah, well, so dear Maureen gets an "F" on today's op-ed....
OUCH!!! No doubt, Maureen is back on her "A" game ... and based on what I'm hearing on NPR this morning, the pressure on the Vatican may actually be BUILDING!

All together, now! In-DICT! In-DICT! In-DICT! In-DICT!
Hah! Best line: "The church gave up its credibility for Lent."




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