Pope calls Christians the most persecuted


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VATICAN CITY – Pope Benedict XVI said Thursday that Christians suffer more religious persecution than any other group, denouncing lack of freedom of worship as an "intolerable" threat to world security.


Here, let me rephrase that for the pope:  "Christianity is garnering the proper criticism it deserves and is losing even more of its government sponsorship, further relegating religion to the sphere of individuals only, thereby lessening whatever support it has for its atrocious doctrine and kiddy fiddling ways."



Benedict also criticized what he called "more sophisticated forms of hostility to religion, which, in Western countries, occasionally find expression in a denial of history and the rejection of religious symbols which reflect the identity and the culture of the majority of its citizens."

Benedict has been continuing a campaign launched by his predecessor, the late John Paul II, to reinvigorate Europe's "Christian roots."

The Vatican has criticized initiatives in some Western countries to ban crucifixes from public places, ranging from classrooms to courtrooms, including in predominantly Catholic Italy.



Oh that silly, silly pope, whatever in the world will he say next?


In summary, the pope says "Waaahh".

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Damn, you be me to it!  Yeah, I love that "Christians" are the most persecuted.  Well, there are two BILLION of them...and how much persecution do they rain down on everyone else?

Yet he advocates religious freedom.  Yeah religious freedom for him to do what ever he wants.

That isn't religious freedom; it's religious LICENSE that he wants so badly, and like a petulant little child when it doesn't get its way, he claims that the world beats up on him.


Could someone PLEASE tell Joe the Rat to wake up and smell the coffee?  This isn't the 15th century any more!

When religion is relegated to the private sphere of life, then it musn't be persecuted. While it's part of the public sphere it's a fair target for criticism, satire and protest. So, for the time being, bring on the lions. That's also part of European tradition.

The Pope's definition of "persecution" might be a little different to everyone else's.  He might define "persecution" as:

1) not being able to do absolutely anything that springs into his mind

2) having to pay for his own trips to other countries

3) being held accountable for raping children

4) having his private hatred of sex, other religions, homosexuals and women held up to public scrutiny

... things like that.  Thing that the rest of us would find quite normal.

  • He wrote that he was especially thinking of Iraq ",which continues to be a theater of violence and strife" as it aims for stability and reconciliation.

Gee, do you think that might have anything to do with the way that Christians were proselytizing during the Iraq war and certain asshole heads of state called the war a crusade?  Your religion brought this on itself.  The specific people there might not have done anything, but the religious edifice as a whole has to reign in its more aggressive members, or the whole suffers, by association.

It must be tough longer for the good ol' days of "Christian roots", pining for Inquisitions and Crusades.  Probably brings a tear to his eye just thinking about it.

LMFAO! Old men in ugly dresses and funny hats say the craziest things.

that's what hitler said
I call Godwin's Law.  I win.
Hitler was into Godwin's law.  He was a real Nazi about it.

Of course, christians have never been shy abouit persecuting the "wrong kind" of christians.  Torture, burning alive, declaring wars.... 


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