Pope calls Christians the most persecuted


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VATICAN CITY – Pope Benedict XVI said Thursday that Christians suffer more religious persecution than any other group, denouncing lack of freedom of worship as an "intolerable" threat to world security.


Here, let me rephrase that for the pope:  "Christianity is garnering the proper criticism it deserves and is losing even more of its government sponsorship, further relegating religion to the sphere of individuals only, thereby lessening whatever support it has for its atrocious doctrine and kiddy fiddling ways."



Benedict also criticized what he called "more sophisticated forms of hostility to religion, which, in Western countries, occasionally find expression in a denial of history and the rejection of religious symbols which reflect the identity and the culture of the majority of its citizens."

Benedict has been continuing a campaign launched by his predecessor, the late John Paul II, to reinvigorate Europe's "Christian roots."

The Vatican has criticized initiatives in some Western countries to ban crucifixes from public places, ranging from classrooms to courtrooms, including in predominantly Catholic Italy.



Oh that silly, silly pope, whatever in the world will he say next?


In summary, the pope says "Waaahh".

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Golly! Someone is persecuting poor ole, avuncular Joe Ratz? I'm shocked! I think Joe is confusing persecuting Christians with outrage at his clutch of child humpers and his casting of blame on everything but his own complicity in the whole disgusting affair.

When being persecuted is an essential component of your religion, I suppose you need to find ways to rationalize that you are being persecuted.




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