Pope Benedict XVI has announced that he is going to resign on February 28, 2013 due to deteriorating physical strength. Needless to say it is very uncommon for a Pope to resign.



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Yeah, I saw that on ... CNN, I think it was.  Think we'll get one that isn't so anti-science, this time?

I don't have much hope. According to the AP, "Benedict ... has already hand-picked the bulk of the College of Cardinals — the princes of the church who will elect the next pope — to guarantee his conservative legacy and ensure an orthodox future for the church."

I think he's stopping now so he can play a part in who the next one will be. He'll want one that will continue the conservative, authoritarian line and not a moderniser/reformer. That may be good, in a way, as the church will probably lose more members. A shitty state of affairs for those who stay though.

Sort of like Putin, huh?  Are we going to have a puppet pope?

It's like I remember the folks saying on Ask an Atheist.  We don't care if the Catholic Church hurts itself, but we are pretty sad when it hurts the people who have been sucked into it.

He clearly wants to maintain the conservative bent of the church.  His choice of Timothy Dolan for cardinal is ample indication of that.  But then, the more the church maintains that conservative attitude, the more it will ultimately become more and more irrelevant, especially to youth.  This is why the thrust of the RC church into Africa and other third-world locations must be challenged and stopped NOW.



Way to answer Pat!!

Benedict's resignation as been described in the media as sending a "shockwave" through the Catholic church and it's members.  He was never really a popular pope to begin with and he reigned during the damning period of the many molestation charges and revelations.  Hopefully after all that, persons of Catholic faith might reconsider exactly what role the pope has in their individual lives and what policies the church stands for, as a whole.  I guess what I'm trying to say is.......hopefully through this process, some people will come to their senses and see how archaic and irrelevant the pope and his church really are.  I can only hope.    

Well not so sure if that's good news or not. Probably get someone just like him.

On the bright side, they could hardly be worse.  Except in that, by being slightly less evil, they would be more insidious.  That would be worse, I suppose.

Damned if we do, damned if we don't, I guess.


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