Pope Benedict XVI has announced that he is going to resign on February 28, 2013 due to deteriorating physical strength. Needless to say it is very uncommon for a Pope to resign.



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The real tragedy here, next to that of all those young kids whose innocence was ruined by those self-involved priests, is that, because the hierarchy of the church can't face what they've done, when the reckoning DOES come, it will be all that much more tumultuous and ruinous for the church.

They're sowing the wind.  The whirlwind is waiting Stage Right, and I don't think it'll wait very long.

According to a 12th century (1139) prophecy by St. Malachy, an Irish archbishop, there were only supposed to be 112 more popes before judgment day. Canonized in 1190 he claimed the prophecy was the result of a vision he received from god while in Rome reporting to Pope Innocent II. Ratzinger is supposed to be number 111. That, of course, means doomsday is supposed to occur during the reign of Ratzinger's successor. Let's hope his successor doesn't reign long so we will soon have a lot to poke fun at when the prophecy embarrassingly falls on its face. One of the things I thoroughly enjoy is rubbing it in when theists predict a doomsday that doesn't occur.     



I'm with you.  Rubbing it in is so fun.

Especially after the whole debacle with Harold Camping!  Now just watch the buzz on St. Malachy go ballistic in the next few days!

[sigh] You'd think these idiots would LEARN...

John, I personally hope the prophecy is correct. OK - prophecies are complete, total, and absolute bullshit. I thoroughly realize that. However, think about it. If #112 of the Mr. Infallibles is the last, that means the Catholic Church is about to collapse under it's own degenerate, twisted, and disgusting weight. What a "blessing" for humanity!!!

Ooh, I like that interpretation.

Looks like we are in a win - win situation!

That was my first thought, too.  The end of Roman Catholicism doesn't mean the end of the world.  It could mean a new beginning.


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