According to Pope Benedict's private secretary, Monsignor Georg Ganswein, it is the position of the Vatican that Popes should not be organ donors because their bodies belong to the church and they might someday be elected to sainthood. Benedict had been a legally designated organ donor before having become Pope.

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Trust me, I don't think he has to worry about becoming a saint.

Unfortunately, it's pretty much guaranteed that he'll be sainted.  They're working on Pope John-Paul II right now.  Given what kind of weak crap passes for a verified miracle by the department responsible for verifying miracle claims, it's guaranteed to happen for anyone who has any kind of following within the church.  The placebo effect counts as a miracle, nowadays.


Now that the church is more desperate than ever for good press, they'll probably start cranking even more saints than previously.  Any popes are obvious candidates for canonization.

I know they were talking about sainting John Paul, but Ratzinger?? I thought even the Catholics kinda think he's mediocre.

The Catholics in the pews, maybe.  I wouldn't know.  I left the church completely, 17 years ago.


It doesn't really matter what those people think, though.  Someone higher in the structure of the church just has to put him up for whatever the saint examination process is.  Then you get a few loonies who see the image of some guy in a fish-hat, and claim that there's been a remission of whatever disease they had.  If two of them "can't be explained away as non-miracles" (even though most of us could probably come up with a non-miraculous cause for all of them), then he's an instant saint.

Thats kind of ironic, considering how they've been throwing their organs into catholic kids for centuries.

How true.


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