Trig Palin is going to be cured by prayer on the 18th of April, 2010.  But, will they all decide gods don't exist when he is not cured.  

They have not specified what "cured" means.  My hit prediction is that they will say that he has been cured when someone who knows him will give some subjective assessment of (say) his speech or co-ordination skills.  No therapies he has received to date will have made any difference. (I'm guessing here.  I have no idea what therapy, if any, young Master Palin receives or requires). Terrible scientifically proven therapies can't possibly make a difference but praying definitely can. 

Now this is a pretty thought.  I hope that all sick children spontaneously get better.  Who wouldn't want sick or disabled people to spontaneously get better. This shit is used to paint atheists in a bad light.  They say that we don't want people to get better.  Not thinking it will work is different to not wanting the result but giving in to wish thinking wastes time and effort.  The kid has Down's Syndrome. Let's work with what we've got instead of hoping for what we haven't. 

For me, for this to be a successful experiment I want to see the test results that show the Down's Syndrome now and the test results that see it definitely gone within a set period after the prayer day. Subjective crap like: "He feels less disabled" or "He slept better that night" are indicative of a fail.  

In addition, when it fails, I want them to admit that it failed and not start making stupid excuses like: "The atheists spoiled it by being negative" or "God can't be tested by science". It's your endeavour, if it fails the failure is yours.  Atheists not joining in and scientists wanting to test it are a given. Only the prayer groups are going to accept any result not tested.     

Anyway, you'd better turn off your woo-o-meter before you click on this link.  You don't want to overload the darn thing. :)

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I smell POE. In fact, I am prepared to bet you a bottle of malt liquor on it Luke.
No bet. I suspect you're right. I think lots of people pray for it on the day though. MMMM Malt liquor. Who could believe in a god that doesn't require daily malt liquor?
Who, or what is POE? Is this thing a hoax? If this is real these folks are delusional. that's how it works. Thanks for the link.
Bookmark it. Memorise it. Then you too can get as embarrassed as I do at how many "atheists" still fall for Landover Baptist. No slight on Luke, this is an exceptionally subtle one that could even prove not to be one (though the bet for a bottle of malt liquor is still on for any takers).
Anyone see this?!

Under 'Proposed Miracles So Far':

Greg Laden provides a truly tempting idea:
"I would like to pray that PZ Myers, the Internet Atheist, becomes a True Believing Christian. Will everyone join me in this prayer?"
I honestly love this idea. Imagine the good it would do the world if such an outspoken atheist came to Jesus! But how would we know his conversion was sincere? Can someone suggest a way to figure that out?
It also sounds like a fantastic way to put prayer to the test.
If there's a god then he'll have made PZ Myers a skeptical scientist so the only way that PZ will change his mind is through verifiable evidence. If PZ receives verifiable evidence then science will have proved the existence of god and we wont need the mumbo-jumbo offered by the church. They are praying for their own extinction. I like it. I suggest we all join in.


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