The pope said that he is resigning due to health reasons, but he is going to study prayer?


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With the Duke Prayer Study ... which found out that prayer does diddly squat.

LOL.  I that the back of the unabridged matchbook version?

I think I remember hearing once that the study actually noticed a rise in acidity in urine for those that are being prayed for. jahova..the god of acidic urine.

How do you study prayer? The same way you "study" how to predict the future by magic incantations, reading chicken bones, goat entrails, omens from the the stars, comets, and asteroids in the night sky. It's all in being inculcated into the magical mysteries and arcana of the grand spirit world. Why do you ask?

Because that is what the Pope is going to do when he steps down. 

I think studying prayer means he's basically going to watch other people pray like it's porn.


He will read prayers and think about them and then he will feel all sanctimonious about it.



There is another option. He'll retire to Castle Gandolfo, and pretending to go to the chapel and pray, he'll watch re-runs of the porno tapes seized from Osama bin Laden's compound in Pakistan.

Right.  Live richly and "think" about the poor.  Because sending them good thoughts, while living off their blood, sweat, and tears, is really going to help them.

And think about all of those children who were molested ... which probably makes him all hot and bothered.

he is going to go and mumble to himself for the rest of his life. no...seriously we need to find him and just kill him like the vermin that he is. ya dont let putrid rats lose in society.


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