One of the most popular ways to pray online is through prayer teams. This is based on the theory that, if one person praying for something is good, a lot of people praying for it is better. So if grandpa is sinking into Alzheimer's or Aunt Minnie's losing her hearing, all a person needs to do is tweet a prayer for them into their computer and hundreds or even thousands of other people will start praying for them too. These holy tag teams are formed the same way other Twitter communities are formed; by people agreeing to follow the tweets of individuals with similar interests. Here are some sample prayers that were broadcast today by Twitter prayer teams:
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You can even put your prayers in the National Prayer Bank and ask for a withdraw when you need them.

I wonder if they have ATM Machines?
Does the Prayer Bank pay interest? Or make loans? I'm a little short (on prayers, I guess) today.

"When your belief is 140 characters strong, type it out loud!"

@THE_LORD I didn't mean to do it. I'm sorry. #sheep
And how is this working for them? *facepalm*
Gee, I didn't know God was on Twitter. . .just when you think you've heard it all, more lunacy surfaces.
Well, this god fellow is supposedly omnipresent so of course he's on Twitter. Of course that means he's going to be on trannie gilf anal porn as well so take that is you will...
But their God already has a plan! They can't change it through prayer, so why do they bother?


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