Another one to add to the list of "Christian" rapists...


Preacher accused of raping women behind church

"Members of the Freedom Free Will Baptist Church aren't condemning pastor"

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I guess the evangelical church does not have the funds like the Roman church to reassign their pastors. Its funny hiw people will say they can't believe a man of God has done this. Yet let it be one of us and we are instantly guilty. Lol

They are in denial, they don't want to see what the reality is.


Most of the times in cases like this, the congregation blames the devil (the "Satan made him do it" excuse), forgives the pastor and allows him back to preach them on Sunday morning. It's ridiculous!

There's a bunch of those sick pastors out there.  The FFRF has a newsletter "Freethought Today" that lists the many pastors and priests accused and convicted of criminal acts in the "Black Collar Crime Blotter" section.  The list is astounding.
"Jesus protect me from your followers" takes on a while new meaning here.  One abuse after another.
absolutely expected.

well I just reasd it and not everyone is a walkin zombie.

the association that gave him cred to preach has taken that away and is basically banned him until the outcome of the trial is done.

at least its a little better than the butfucking catholiks

Is anal sex a bad thing?


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