Conservatives upset that Obama left out the almighty in thanksgivin...

Someone enroll these idiots in a grade school US History class, please.

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I had a short discussion about this on facebook.  The guy said he appreciated that Bush always thanked god.  He didn't respond when I mentioned that Bush was a born-again Christian and at least Obama acknowledges that atheists have a right to exist.  I also pointed out that Obama has acknowledged god before.

Jon Stewart was ranting about this last night, that's how I learned about this.  The thing is that this isn't a case of Fox News trying to make a mountain out of molehill, they didn't do a very good job.  They noted that Bush and Clinton both failed to acknowledge god in at least 1 of their respective thanksgiving addresses and then noted that god is mentioned in the written copy.  It's nice when Fox News comes with disclaimers.  Anyway, I think that because he didn't mention god in the verbal address, we can forgive him for mentioning him in the written copy.

Someone enroll these idiots in a grade school US History class, please.


Like it would help. They believe what the want to believe. Facts don't matter.

What, you mean that Thanksgiving isn't about sacrificing the almighty turkey god, who we fatten up over months, only to sacrifice him and eat his flesh? ;D We even praise him, after we eat, by rubbing our bellies, unbuttoning the top button of our jeans or trousers, and saying, "Ohhhh, I'm never going to eat that much again... Ohhhh..." You just can't beat that mantra.


Hey, so long as Obama mentioned football. Did he? He should have. Football is so Thanksgiving. ;D

Funny how a bunch of the Republican contenders for President didn't mention God either, but that's okay.  




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