Obviously, this has been too much enthusiasm for the catholic church of the Netherlands: a priest who had celebrated a "Soccer Mass" for the Dutch world championship team, with soccer anthems and all, has been put on leave to "cool down and focus".

Maybe, maybe he was reprimanded this way because they didn't win, after all …

Here's the whole article (in German, but it has some pictures in it): http://www.spiegel.de/panorama/gesellschaft/0,1518,706849,00.html#r...

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One more grown man who should know better, doing childish shit on a football pitch and getting famous for it. As if the players weren't sickening enough examples of that.
You should watch from 0:46. It is a very short mass for their beloved Broncos.

If you can't pray for favours from God, then for what can you pray? Is it too earthly to pray for your team? It is not practical for the near future to pray for players souls. It is better to pray for their feet, no?
Well, it is, but that leads to all kinds of jokes about running on faith.
A bit sour today, aren't we?
Just got my punning muscles pumped up, is all. I've always felt that way about football.
If the Dutch would have won the catholic church would have been praising the lord about it.
I like the irony that is substantial to this "Soccer Mass". If prayers aren't serious anymore even in the church, what reason do people have to attend? Community, of course! But it's a small step from an ironic church meeting to not meeting in church at all.


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