"A Crown of Eternal Life Church Announces New Website Featuring the Princess Diana Heavenly View Collection"... Reverend Gladys Mae Smith, founder, teacher, and preacher of Crown of Eternal Life Church, watched the wedding from her home in Lubbock, Texas, where she captured on her electric camera a picture of Princess Diana hovering over the royal wedding, watching the royal wedding cake. This spiritual royal wedding memorabilia displays a one-of-a-kind image captured by Reverend Gladys Mae Smith as she photographed the wedding, and is the only image available that has captured the spirit of Princess Diana."..

But wait, there's more!

"Reverend Smith has two more images she wishes to share with the world that have not been released yet. The first of these images features what appears to be a circle of light, like a crystal ball, but is actually Princess Diana in a heavenly form of energy, resting on the alter in front of the Priest who is giving Princess Kate and Prince William their vows. "


Oh my!  Maybe the heat in Lubbock is getting to people.  Is that what happened in Israel some 2,000 years ago?

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This is interesting because images of Mary and Jesus in various settings like burnt toast, mold on shower walls, etc, are usually easily identified as such. I guess Diana is more ethereal than Jesus.
No, what happened in Israel 2,000 years ago was just the result of a roaming, heretical Jew. It happens.
It's like when you look at clouds and you see images there, which actually aren't there.  It is just your mind making sense of patterns.  That is why people claim to see jesus on toast and whatnot.
My wife's extended family (mostly Catholic), quite often sees dead family members in photos. Strangely, they find it comforting. I'm starting to think they should clean their lenses.
I think what she is most hoping to see are dollar signs.
Well, that's rather cynical and unspiritual of you. You of all people should know how kind and good spiritualists everywhere are. John Edwards sees his show as a mission. He isn't in it for the money. :-D
Excuse me, I have to go now.  There's a glowing orb outside my window.  I'm hearing faint sounds of "You ain't nothin but a hound dog"..  there is glittering, like.... rhinestones.....



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