Principal of christian school jailed for sex with a student.this

A girl left broken and devastated after being sexually assaulted by her high school principal has finally achieved closure as he was sentenced in the NSW District Court, her family says.

But her mother says the sentence is far too lenient and they cannot bring themselves to think about him being released next year.

Frank Bailey, 46, the ex-principal of a Christian school at Grafton in northern NSW, was sentenced today to nine more months in jail after pleading guilty to five counts of sexual intercourse over four days with a 16-year-old in his care.

Judge John North sentenced Bailey to at least two years and three months in prison, with a maximum sentence of three years and nine months, saying it was "difficult to think of a more blatant abuse of trust".

Link: SMH Article

Is this religion teaching people howto be good.

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I assume with a sentence that light the sex was consensual...or as consensual as it can be with a 16 year-old.
I don't think it was concentual. The story opens with "broken and devastated after being sexually assaulted".
Right, but the maximum sentence for sexual assault is not three years. Statutory rape on the other hand...

It is possible she is "devastated" by the fact they can't be together anymore...

Just seems like a CRAZY LIGHT sentence for rape. I'm hoping it was consensual-ish.
It could also be non-consensual b/c not only was she underage but he was a person of power. Someone like that could intimidate a person into going along with them b/c they are afraid to refuse.
Yeah, a consenting 16 year-old is a weird point...really on the line. There are probably plenty of them that could healthily consent, and a lot that can't. As a girl going to a Christian school, having a mom thinking it could never happen, I'm GUESSING she probably didn't have the mental capacity at 16 to truly consent.

However, most people wouldn't argue that a 16 year-old guy couldn't consent to a 30 year old woman for it is REALLY foggy.
There are parts of the USA that have consent at 16 even.
There are parts of the USA that have consent at 14.
Are they still? I thought that was changed recently. Used to be Hawaii and somewhere else...NAMBLA should just relocate and stop their bitching.
Hawaii and Idaho.
Still 16 in the UK.
And just what the "F" is "closure", anyway?

There's no such thing as closure. The only time wounds go away is when another wound shows up to replace it!
Any person who has sex with a minor is an automatic scumbag. This guy needs to have his dick cast into the fiery brimstone.




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