Pro-gay student assaulted by principal

As a person is for gay rights and also volunteers with children, I find this behavior especially appalling.

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Letters of protest can be sent to:

Mr. Maurice Moser: Principal
Sequoyah High School
3128 Hwy. 411
Madisonville, TN 37354

Mike Lowry
Director of Schools
205 Oak Grove Rd.
Madisonville, TN 37354


Letters of support can be sent to Chris at:

Chris Sigler
906 Big Creek Rd
Madisonville, TN 37354-6842


(This is the only Sigler I can find in Madisonville, TN, so I hope it is right. Use at your own discretion.)

That's terrible.  I'll bet he let a gun club go through unchallenged. :-(

Easy Money Eh ! That's Nothing.

In my youth I was sent to private catholic schools. For punishment we were told to hold out our hand and be strapped or caned on the hand. It hurt, a throbbing excruciating pain which took up to a minute to subside.

One time I was in a play ground fight and the teaching Brother strapped every kid who was watching and let us go.

I once received 6 straps on the hands from the famous Australian pedophile Robert 'Dolly' Dunn who died in prison a few years ago. It hurt.

Among the teaching brothers I knew one was defrocked and another committed suicide due to allegations

They're a sad lot.

NOTORIOUS pedophile Robert "Dolly" Dunn is fighting a compensation bill of more than $250,000 owed to his victims - despite being on his deathbed.(February 21, 2008)

Read more:

When the lawyers are done with THIS fool, all that'll be left is a greasy spot....
I read about this on Hemant Mehta's blog. You'd think the job of a principal would be protecting students from bullying; not contributing to it.
Oh, it is. My bet is he's not seeing himself as a principal, he's seeing himself as a Good Christian.
Now let's find out if he can be a good inmate!
Assaulting a student...yeah, can't see any repercussions to that. Idiot principal!


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