Workers at church run day care allegedly mixed Melatonin with candy to get the tots to sleep at naptime. I guess they were all out of sacramental wine?

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I misunderstood the title at first. I'll leave it up to you to figure out how, I will only say that it made it seem much worse than it actually was, and that it reminded me of a certain South Park episode (try to figure it out before peeking). Of course, it didn't make any sense grammatically under that interpretation, but it took me a few seconds to figure it out.
Hey, that's the title the originating source gave it. At least I changed 'get' to 'give'. And, yes, I realize what a hilarious unintentional play on words it was.
Also, apparently dyslexic, because 'get' was right in the first place. Goddamit.
I didn't even noticed that! To distracted by the aids I suppose (not my own, the one in the title, I don't have aids, though I could use some aides).
What were they fresh out of Rohypnol, the rape drug of choice in 4 out of 5 christian day care centres?

(All facts and statistics made up to suit the writer's bias).
This is where I issue the standard challenge: "If God is on your side and you are so blessed, won't they just naturally behave like little angels?"

Ergo, if they're not behaving like little angels...


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