Public school bans display of religious signs at football games

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The chants roared from the crowd of people that came out to show support for LFO cheerleaders. The group gathered after the cheerleaders' signs with religious messages were banned from football games.

Supporter Rod Cochran said, "They are trying to silence God's people and we don't want it that way."

Supporters arrived in large numbers, some with their own signs hoping to take a stand against what organizers call a "cheap shot" at their religious values.

Some say they won't back down until the issue is resolved

Organizer Jeremy jones said, "The cheerleaders should be able to do what they want, they have the freedom to do that, if someone disagrees, we feel it should go to a different level, not just one person or the school superintendent."

Others feel the school superintendent is taking the law into her own hands.

Aleq Boyle said, "We feel like mrs reese stepped out on her own to do this and i feel that she has read the interpretation of the constitution a little wrong."

The cheerleaders revealed their latest sign this almost too big for the group to hold up. One footbal player said he get emotional when he thinks that his team may never again be able to run through the signs with religious messages.

Logan fields said, "I felt angry and I asked myself, why after all this time of doing it has someone said something now?

Rally organizers plan to take a signed petition to members of the school board asking them to overturn the superintendents decision.

They hope to get the signs back on the field by the next LFO football game.

Update: Tuesday 2:30 p.m.

After a parent complaint, the Catoosa County School Superintendent Denia Reese decided to ban the practice of cheerleaders displaying the signs before a football game.

Reese said the school system is violating federal law regarding the separation between church and state. She said she took the action now so it wouldn't escalate into a possible lawsuit.

"The school does not have the right to promote one particular religious viewpoint over another," Reese said.

A local group has organized a rally in support o the cheerleader signs.

The rally for the LFO Cheerleaders will be held at the Polo Grounds in Ft. Oglethorpe. For more information, please call Jeremy Jones at 706-937-7635.

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