Randi bags another one: man selling bomb detecting dowsing rods thrown in jail

Export ban for useless 'bomb detector' (link)
Randi Responds to the Arrest of James McCormick (link)

Ah, I love the smell of busted fraud. Smells oddly like rational justice...something sorely missing in the air most of the time. For those of you out of the loop, a bunch of bullsh*t "bomb detectors" were being sold in Iraq, and they were actually nothing more than security theater props...that is to say dowsing rods.

Being challenged to win the million dollar prize that Randi has went unmet, and now the guy is arrested with fraud. Wow, dowsing rods don't work...who'd have thunk it?

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What a guy!
Last month, a senior Iraqi officer involved in bomb-prevention defended the ADE-651.
Major General Jehad al-Jabiri, who appeared at a press conference with Mr McCormick following the December explosions, said he did not "care about Sandia" and knew more about bombs than the Americans:
"Whether it's magic or scientific, what I care about is it detects bombs," he said.
And policemen manning checkpoints in Baghdad have told the BBC that you need to be relaxed to use the ADE-651 and that it does not work properly if the user is stressed or has a high heart rate.
In other words, the message which has got through to the frontlines is - if it does not work, blame the operator not the device.

Amazing, given the overwhelming evidence that the device is bogus some still insist on defending it's use.
It's an ego defensive mechanism. They can't admit that they were suckered so they come up with other reasons why it didn't work.
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