Offensively out of touch with civilization, his arrogance, culture and environment have once again allowed him to spew forth. This will cost him some sheep.

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I can't help but think the pope is a demented old perv who is protected by his cabal of archbishops to maintain their own power.  The pope must be at least early Alzheimer's now.  I wonder if he has tertiary syphilis?

“In the 1970s, paedophilia was theorised as something fully in conformity with man and even with children,” the Pope said."


This is laughable. 


What bothers me more than the catholic leadership's offenses, is the catholic populace's continued support of the nonsensical and corrupt institution. 

Being fair, he probably thought it was something fully in conformity with men and children, seeing as he appears to have spent the latter half of the 20th century covering up sex acts inflicted by men on children. 'All the cool clergy were doing it', sort of thing. Given how insular the Vatican is, it's no wonder he thought it was commonly accepted.
Contrast this "sympathetic, understanding" view of pedophilia with the Catholic church's usual strictly antisexual views.
If he had any sense of reality before, he has completely lost it.

My sense of it is that the Vatican/Catholicism is like a huge oil tanker, slow to maneuver. Over the last fifty years or so, social progress, science and communication have far outpaced and outmaneuvered it. It's losing Europe and the rest of the Western World. The Vatican would do better relocated to Tegucigalpa. 

Good analogy, in this case the tanker is leaking and causing a lot of damage.

help victims heal through a better presentation of the Christian message.

It seems the "Christian message" has become more than a bit muddled.  I can't find in the bible the part that supports humping children, but then, I'm not the biblical scholar the Ratz is.

Here's hoping the Catholic faithful will be saturating the pews with their absence.

It's that there isn't actually a rule in the bible that prohibits it. So as far as the priests are concerned, if there's grass on the pitch, don't play.

It's that there isn't actually a rule in the bible that prohibits


There also is nothing in the "good book" to prevent computer crimes or car jacking either.

The truth is that the Ratz is so far off planet that no rational discourse will get his head out of his ass.

That's an interesting point.  I think you're right -  I dont think the bible forbids pedophilia.  Damn that's sick.  No wonder the catholic church is so disturbed.
There's actually some explicit allowances for it, such as when the Israelites were allowed to keep the virgins of the peoples they destroyed. In that time and culture, for a girl to be a virgin likely meant that she was prepubescent, they only had to give them a few months then they could have their way with them.
shit will always be shit no matter if you mold it into an intricate statue or let it land as it fell. the pope is trying his darnedest to carve out some excuses from the mountain high pile the church is in. too bad for them victimizing children has a much higher outrage factor than when he does it to homosexuals and non-Christians.



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