The man who brought us "Banana: the Atheists Worst Nightmare" has announced the release of a new film, 180, which he claims contains an argument that can instantly change people from "pro-choice" to "pro-life" and which made "a blasphemous and hate-filled atheist change his mind on camera".


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Ray Comfort and his amazing banana



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Yeah, considering the usual nonsense we get out of him, I'm not anticipating much of an argument ... or much coherency, for that matter.
No, but it should be entertaining. :) I have to admit that I consider him one of those "guilty pleasures." He's such an ass I just can't help laughing. I know I probably should but damn if I don't find him amusing.
I wonder if we could get him to put some money on it.....

The “180” video begins by addressing ignorance among students as to who Hitler was and what he believed ...

Christ, not the whole Hitler was an atheist bullshit again.

Best response.

Two questions:


1)  If this is such a great argument, why isn't he sharing it NOW instead of making people see his movie?  Isn't he worried about all the "babies" he could've saved in the meantime?


2)  If this is such a great argument, why aren't the featured quotes at the end from people like Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens?

1) Marketing and hype.  If he just came out and said it, everyone would realize how stupid it is and go back to ignoring him.  If he goes on and on, talking about what he's going to say rather than saying it (like a reality TV show), then the media will pay attention to him longer, because he might just have something real, this time ... unlike the last couple hundred attempts.  TV media is so mindless and gullible, because the viewers are.

Sounds like one of the behavioral reinforcement techniques I remember from psychology, yeah.  What I want to know is when was a reward ever given in the first place?  All I've ever seen is hype with no follow-through.

Good point Chris, obviously Ray cares more about money than fetuses. Or Jesus.

1. They could have been audience "plants".

2. Sometimes people hear an argument they haven't heard before (although considering his brilliant argument about bananas, I doubt it's a new argument) it gets them to think for awhile, and later they come up with a refutation for it. But that isn't on camera.


What do you think his magical argument is that miraculously turns everyone pro-life? I bet it's something about the Holocaust, or your mom chose life, or some other bullshit like that.


I changed my husband from pro-life to pro-choice in about 10 seconds, after he was complaining about stupid people getting knocked up and having too many babies or something like that.


Ringers overacting horribly most likely.  But more likely Comfort said he was pro-choice, and no atheist would want to believe in anything that douche believes in.
If this claim were true, and he actually cared to make people pro-life, why not have the claim in the ad and convert all of us?

Because this is about money, and he can do nothing.




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