A controversial healing therapy touted by some as an almost magical stress reliever and dismissed by others as quackery is going mainstream at some Syracuse hospitals.

Reiki, a form of energy healing, is being offered by a growing number of nurses, chaplains and other staffers at Crouse, Upstate University and the VA Medical Center. About 15 percent of hospitals nationwide -- including the Cleveland Clinic, Children's Hospital in Boston and Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore -- provide Reiki.

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So not only is this scary that a hospital would pass off this bull as healing but it is being offered in at a SUNY (State University) Hospital, and that means tax dollars are going towards this. This is utterly scary to me and is nothing better than having a witch doctor come rub a chicken leg over you.

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At least you can eat the chicken leg.
Ya they might as well be offering laying of hands prayer for the sick, and charging money for that. Oh wait they do that by passing the offering bucket around. Although in all seriousness this is no better healing then placebo...
"a Catholic who puts his or her trust in Reiki would be operating in the realm of superstition" LOL! I think this statement by the Catholic Bishops is absolutely hysterical!!! So holy water is really holy? Gimme a break!
As a member of the medical community, I see how this alternative practice could possibly reduce a patients stress level. However, it is obvious that more studies need to be done.
Ya that statement is comical they do not understand that they them selves are fully of quackery..

Although I understand your point of lowering stress levels I would rather not having the medical community giving false hope to patients in their care. I cant even imagine the kind of law suits this could possibly cause if someone irresponsible person replaced this for real medical attention.
This practice seems to be in addition to solid medical care. Sort of like Physical or Occupational therapy. If hospitals do decide to throw their hands up and give power to the great Reiki...then yes, we have a problem.
If it's a free or included service, like the hospital chaplain, then I don't have that much problem with it. Provided it's not being offered as a replacement to traditional medicine but just a 'think-positive-thoughts' supplement.

Since that's basically all Reiki is; think positive, positive touch. The placebo effect of which does have proven benefits to healing.




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