Saudi Arabia bans Pokemon

I read a short statement about this in a video game magazine and decided to see what I could find on the web.

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When I posted this discussion, there was a "Pokemon" banner ad.  Creepy.

My god, he is the very best
Like no god ever was
To convert is your real test
To brainwash is my cause (oooh)
I will travel across the land
Jihad far and wide
Pokemon I misunderstand
A cartoon I must hide! (He must hide!)

Pokemon! Allah, man!
It's god and me.
I know it's my destiny!
Pokemon! Allah, man!
Even punish my best friend
Shariah we must defend!
Pokemon! Allah, man!
Quran so true
Our "knowledge" will pull us through
I'll teach you YES! I'll teach you
Pokemon! Allah, man!
(Gotta ban 'em) Gotta ban'em Gotta ban'em all!


(I should do one for Harry Potter bans in the states. Just as silly.)

Yeah - I heard that too -- too weird




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