Census data, & math's model, show religion in 9 countries heading 4 extinction. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-12811197 

Well not that we expect it will die quietly, however it's good news to see religion is slowly but surely on the way out, so when people say 'you will never rid the world of religion' -tell them to shut up & get outta the way of people actually doing something about advancing humanity & ridding these archaic, retarded & superstitious beliefs.


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You lost a chunk of that HTML tag, for the link.
sorry bout that Jo, but think it's fixed now, cheers ;-)
I would like to see which countries those are.
Hi susan, well if you clicked on the link & read the story you would see, but I will tell you that the  USA is obviously not one of the 9 countries
I must of missed it.  I only did a quick scan.

I have no doubt that religion will not go extinct. It may loose its hold on the majority, or so I hope, but it will never completely go away. As long as there is irrational thought there will be religion.



Religion thrives in an environment of ignorance and poverty. The communication revolution and technology-generated affluence undermines religion in wealthier countries. If the current levels of affluence and communication fall due to over-population and resource depletion, expect more Allah and Jesus.  




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