In so many countries in the world, religion is losing adherents. The figures show quite clearly that even in supposedly deeply devout nations, such as the USA and Italy, church attendance is falling while the numbers are rising of those declaring themselves to have no religion.

And yet there is a common theme in newspapers and some books that deny this. Our suspicions of a co-ordinated misinformation campaign are growing. A book called God Is Back: How the Global Revival of Faith Is Changing the World was widely reviewed on its publication earlier this year. It tells us that "faith" has made a dramatic comeback despite previous predictions of its imminent demise.


Not a new story. Couldn't see it posted previously though.

This is an interesting perspective. The idea that people are pushing the idea that religion is on the rise to try to promote it: 'Come back to church. All your friends are."

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I believe this is the case.

Statistics support the claim that religion is losing adherents rapidly and at an exponential rate, particularly amongst the under-30s crowd.

This is the first generation that has been raised in a largely secular environment and/or education system, so it stands to reason that this would be the case.

The openness now regarding child abuse and the exposure of brutal child abuse in religious environments such as the Catholic Church, Religious schools, etc. has likely also contributed to religions demise.

This is a good thing but the negative side of it is that any authoritarian system that is dying goes through death throes which can become violent in the short term.

I believe this is what we are seeing today with the rise and increase of religious terrorism and extremism, the organization of religious based "armies", etc.

A Disinformation campaign by the religious to claim the opposite is true, is just one other part of this entire process.

This move by Religion, combined with the world-wide economic problems we are facing signal very dangerous times ahead IMO.

I truly hope I'm wrong, but that's what I see ahead. :-(

A nuclear war involving Iran is not out of the question.

If this happens our world will be changed irrevocably and what the end result will be is anybody's guess.

Apologies for going a little OT here but the issues are connected in my mind.
"Apologies for going a little OT here but the issues are connected in my mind."

No need. You're right.

With Bush supposedly discussing Gog and Magog with French President. And people like Pastor Hagee wanting a preemptive strike on Iran in order to begin Armageddon. That's some scary stuff.
It's been discussed everywhere here at length since forever - the noise you hear is the death rattle. It is a sign that things are indeed that desperate.
Hope you're right.
"Come back to church. All your friends are."

Actually, most all of my friends are too busy reading/watching Harry Potter to go to church.

And of course being completely converted to Witchcraft because Harry Potter is so realistic and an absolutely accurate portrayal of modern-day Wicca.




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