Religious Right spokesman says "tyranny is in the DNA of Islam"

Bryan Fischer, the host of the American Family Association's radio show, Focal Point, does not think Islam is compatible with democracy but that's ok 'cause Fischer knows a way to bring democracy to Islamic countries:

"Islam is grossly and permanently incompatible with the liberty we cherish in the West. And since tyranny is deep in the spirit of Islam, only the Spirit of God can root it out."

The "Spirit of God" method that Fischer recommends involves converting Muslims en masse to Christianity with missionaries aided by marines. If that doesn't work though, Fischer suggests a fall-back position: marines aided by missiles.

In other words, convert... or die.

More here (including a video).



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Pot ... kettle.
Succinct and spot on!
The American Right with their "idea" of Freedom is scary. It seems to be a freedom to have their way with the rest of us. 




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