Religious talkshow host says Native Americans have to become Christians to be citizens

(Feb. 8, 2011) Bryan Fischer, Director of Issues Analysis for the conservative Christian American Family Association (AFA), and host of its radio program, Focal Point, today told listeners that Native Americans must leave the reservations and convert to Christianity in order to become "full-fledged American citizens."

More, including a video, here.



One possible Native American response.

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that might just possibly be the stupidest thing i ever saw a christian do.......
What century are we in again?
We aren't.
funny how most preachers would be going to hell.....

Why is it that these mouth breathing Christo-scum no longer surprise me with their stupid spew?
However, Native Americans (Indians) have no Constitutional guaranty of citizenship. They are specifically excluded as citizens in 3 places in the Constitution and once by the SCOTUS – they became citizens by an act of Congress in 1922 yet the exclusionary language still exists in the Constitution. Congress could reverse that act and there is nothing in the Constitution that would prevent it.

Well I hope this is one of the things that no one gets around to amending, but still isn't observed.

I had read about his AFA blog posting on the Dispatches From The Culture Wars blog. Ed summes up what Fischer had posted and its truly disgusting.


AFA has since deleted Fischer's twisted blog posting.

I hope that your pictured response happens. I thought that a lot of Native Americans have converted to Christianity over the years, but even so the speech is still insulting and offensive. This guy's opinions are straight out of 1850. Or maybe earlier, like the conquistador years.




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