Rick Perry Says Prayer, Not Gun Control, Will Keep American Children Safe From Violence (HuffPost)

Gov. Rick Perry (R-Texas) has revealed his own plan for combating America's violence problem -- and it differs from President Barack Obama's on a key point. Specifically, the former presidential candidate said that instead of enacting tougher gun control legislation, Americans should simply pray for protections.

Obama unveiled new gun legislation Wednesday, recommending a host of Congressional measures supplemented by 23 executive actions to be carried out immediately.

The announcement, which may be the most sweeping effort to tighten laws in a generation, marked the culmination of a month-long review process led by Vice President Joe Biden.

In his own statement, Perry acknowledged the problem of violence in the U.S. but said enacting tougher gun laws was not the right way to solve it, the Houston Chronicle reports.

Perry said that there was "evil prowling" in the world that has appeared in television and movies, and then found its way into vulnerable minds.

"As a free people, let us choose what kind of people we will be. Laws, the only redoubt of secularism, will not suffice. Let us all return to our places of worship and pray for help. Above all, let us pray for our children."

Perry also assailed the liberal media and politicians for attempting to use the Sandy Hook shooting for a political end "that would not have saved those children," according to the Chronicle.

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Wonderful.  A government official who basically renounces the efficacy of government in favor of prayer to a supernatural being who is notoriously not in evidence, yet is supposed to cure ALL of our ills and bring some kind of golden age.  The naivete, irresponsibility and idiotic presumption Rick Perry displays in this instance simply goes beyond the pale.  I mean, why should we need a government at all?  Just pray to Perry's god and we should all be good to go, right?  That's worked fine in the past, hasn't it? 

Oh, wait...

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it's official, everyone hates a lurker politician and their faith decoy(s)_

This is the same old religous tactic they always use: god is the solution for everything.  Anytime there is a problem they cannot explain, cost money, or challenges their belief, pray more.  They win in their minds no matter what and so far, at least with politics, they win in popularity now.  Their arguement is always a social one, fix it with morality opposed to psychology, get back to family values opposed to righting governmental neglect, evil doers opposed to provoked depressive antisocial behavior.  The list goes on.  The competition of belief over science will continue to plague our government as far as I can see, I'm sad to say.  Believers always get cynical to logical explanations or solutions and then find a social arguement that puts another question in the conversation that diverts away from the original point.  Our government is plagued with religous dogma that pushes us farther from a true separation of church and state.  Have you ever heard "don't talk about politics and religion in your work place", well somehow that just doesn't apply to a government job in the minds of believers.  The social approval of religion in politics is actually a priority.  If it is not so for an individual who is in any position of a high post that person is usually shut out eventually of true confession to logic.  Can you think of anyone like that today? :) The believers have the upper hand in social politics and in social wealth, especially because the wealthy believe in financial power over a healthy balance of creative logic that supports all of us.  Farmers can grow food for themselves but if they do no put any up for market their other needs are not met.  We depend on the successful psychology of all (government) to make life possible.  We cannot all be self sufficient homesteaders to manage our needs.  Here is a question to ponder, If you are the best heart surgeon in the world where do you go if you have a need for heart surgery?  If you are thinking a computerized robot, stop.:)  Recently I listen to a Sam Harris youtube video speech about his warning to nonbelievers about calling themselves atheist.  He is argueing the point to be careful of labeling your self of what you believe in order to not get yourself stuck in the arguement of the perpetual arguement of belief.  I agree with him but there is also the fact that as long as there is a consciense objection to governmental direction to logical success we may find ourselves in need of specialization to committee.  Splitting hairs will surely create a fabric to human community.  There is no guarrantee either way.  Those of us who choose to be peaceful use words and reason to find a democratic resolution.  War is not desirable to anyone who experiences the destruction of life.  So, what do you do. I guess form a community of people who support each other in a successful outcome of human needs and social approval.  Maslows heirarchy of needs will actually work for both believers and nonbelievers because what we do share in common is the inescapable truth of being human.  What is the old saying about death and taxes?:)  Community is important because we may reach higher elements to maslow's heirarchy of needs.  We need that support so that we are not left in the cold, literally and figuratively.

Instead of praying, a funny filosopher with imagination, willing to take risks in thought, creativity, and exploration, Dennett makes sense out of non-sense world. Happy thinking! It works a lot better than praying. Just look around us.
Big Thinkers - Daniel Dennett [Philosopher]

Ooooo, dirty word, Joan - THINKING!  Rick Perry can't deal with thought, never mind critical thought.  Too hard, WAY too hard!  Much easier to pray.  Yeah, yeah, that's the ticket ... [groan!]

Great video, BTW!

The saddest part is that they train their kids in this type of thinking from Day 1. I escaped, sure, but it gets harder all the time.


Oh! get real! "God is bigger than the boogie man!" The propaganda machine!

However, god apparently is not bigger than Katrina, the hottest year on record, the wars ... all over the Earth, or famine, homelessness, disease, dominionism, greed, and hubris. For these it takes sensible, critical, focused thought and action. 

"God works in mysterious ways."



Nope!  Just takes more trust in god, Joan.  Where is your faith?

There is a reason strongly religious politicians do nothing worthwhile to improve the world.  They think Jealous Sky-Toddler is going to do it for them.

The wholly, holy, macho, man is testing the limits of his intellect once again.  Is there an emptier suit in all of American politics than Rick Perry?  Frightening prospect, if there is.

Did anyone tell this idiot that by being a xtian does not make you bulletproof?  Ask the student at Columbine who asked if she believed in G'd and was killed.

BTW, it later came out that she was into witchcraft.  Either way she lost.

Have you heard about the recent republican sneak vote to redistrict the votes in Virginia? http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/dc-politics/hed/2013/01/23/4e01...

Yup.  Rachel Maddow has been covering it for a while now.




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