"Scott Lively, the founder of Abiding Truth Ministries and the author of the Holocaust revisionist anti-gay book, ‘The Pink Swastika,’ is taking his anti-gay crusade overseas and declaring war against the Southern Poverty Law Center."

"Earlier this year, UGPulse.com reported that the Family Life Network "has organized a training seminar to equip Ugandans with information and skills to fight what it calls spiraling promotion of homosexuality in the country.""

This is a must-read article.

This is so crazy and bizarre, it's almost funny - except for the fact that people are being killed... and let's not forget our creepy uncle Robert Mugabe, who has spoken out vociferously and damagingly against homosexuality.


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Thanks for posting Jonathan, but don't be suprised (or offended) if no one comments on this post. This has really made the rounds here on A|N already, in the news group, the gay group, and the human rights group (partially by me).

Sad, pathetic stuff, actually. I really feel for these people, but like so many of us, I am powerless to do anything.
Hey, thanks DG - I don't often post, and I don't have time to follow all the different threads going on here. I'm a Chariots of Iron/Atheist News podcast fan, and as a South African, this just made my blood boil when an American friend sent me the link. It was bad enough when the ANC president used the stage of the country's largest evangelical church to curry for votes... a church that is also homophobic and sexist in the extreme. (http://rhemadev.co.za)

It seems to me, ever increasingly, that in Africa life is cheap, the collective is more important than the individual, and human rights are secondary to survival of the status quo. (My opinion)
It seems to me, ever increasingly, that in Africa life is cheap...

I would say to the religous life is cheap. It is they who are always screaming for blood. Not so? I am sure there are many good Africans, like the decent gays and lesbians these hatemongers are wanting to kill.
It has been discussed a lot here. But it's well worth keeping in the limelight.





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