I have wondered for a long time now why the Bible has not been banned, as it is a book full of hatred; its content advocates murder, violence, suicide, incest, child abuse, rape, slavery, and many more atrocities. Other books have been banned (including a "Satanic" one) but not the Bible, which is more evil than many other books, and it's considered the most "sacred" book in American history. Is there anything we can do about it? Can we in any way show America and the world how evil and detrimental the Bible is to humanity?

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Risky reads! 5 books that have been banned

"From a teen classic to scarier stuff, these reads have faced the fire"





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I love banned books! They're always banned for the silliest reasons, too.
Freedom of expression and the free flow of information are two of the greatest enlightenment virtues.

wait they banned "Brave New World" it's one of my favorite books of all time, i don't really see why the content should be any kind of matter, they allow books with much more heavy handed sexual content and it isn't really that big of a deal, it's aimed for teens and adults is it not?


I find it to be a great read and a good comment on society, tsk tsk tsk

I think part of it may have been from a lack of ability to detect irony. People may have thought he was seriously advocating the world described in the novel.
I really doubt it was "aimed" at teens-- though I think it is a wonderful book for a teen to read. As for it being banned... I think it is a profoundly dangerous book, frankly. You can point to the sexual content as a reason-- monogamous relationships are considered unhealthy?! We can't have kids reading that!-- but it's subversive in a lot more ways than that. Personally, I think everyone should read it, just so that every time they sit down to watch their mindless television shows it'll be in the back of their minds, asking them if there is something more important to be doing.

You have a point, i see what you mean about monogamous relationships being unhealthy could  be advocated by the book.

But honestly, it's fiction, if they get so easily affected by the things they hear and read i'm surprised they can read.


It's subversive in a lot of ways, sure, and the end is kind of grizzly.

But i still think it's a great book people should read(as do you i see)


oh and the aimed at teens thing, you're completely right, i really think it was aimed at teens, but in todays society it might have been, which is why i said that, and now that i think about it maybe i shouldn't have ^^

Has the Bible (or parts of it) at any time been banned in the U.S.A. for its violent and atrocious content?
Are you kidding?  Of course not!
Actually, it has. Don't recall the details but I could probably find them if you want.
I actually encourage people to read the Bible. I explain that by read I mean read it in order, in its entirety, and pay attention to what you actually read rather than what you expect to read.




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