In a new online video for Crossfire the pundit makes the claim that conservative atheists are actually “better” than liberal ones,

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She is just one of those theists who want to claim that "they were atheists once".  To prove how much better it is to be a theist.

That's my suspicion, yes.  I think we're just seeing the background establishment phase, right now.

We laugh at assholes like Lee Strobel and Josh McDowell, when they tell stories about when they were skeptics and atheists, because it's obvious that it's bullshit.  S.E. Cupp is going to have lots of video evidence proclaiming her atheism, which she'll be able to point back at.

Has anyone asked her the obvious question "  Why don't you believe in God"?  That would nail her right there.

Not sure.  I haven't seen a real question and answer session with her.  Most of what I've seen is bits of her either on Fox News or on Bill Maher.  No one in either of those fora is going to pin her down and quiz her.

She said she "couldn't wrap her head around the idea" of God.

Sounds like a supernatural God seemed like a bizarre and extravagant claim to her. 

Didn't you say, in your comment at the end of the line, that her position was logical?  This doesn't sound like a very logical position, from what you say here.

It also seems like an easy workaround for when/if she's ready to convert to Christianity.  If she doesn't have a skeptical foundation for her atheism, then she isn't my sort of atheist, anyway.

I thought about this, and about other so-called controversies, and it brought me to click-bait.  Sadly, click-bait seems to dominate the Internet now.  Anything to drive clicks to a site, will make the "news".  So an atheist who doesn't like atheists, an atheist who likes conservative Christians better than she likes atheist liberals click click.  She doesn't have to make sense, just be a driver for curiosity.

I've quit clicking on sidebars and headers / footers that have baiting comments.  It's too much like going to a circus.   I would pay for a quality Internet experience without the clown shows, but I know I'm one of the few and it won't happen.

I heard there's these things called "books" that don't have click bait.  I should look into that.

Then again, looking at covers of some books, they are just click-bait in the flesh, so to speak.

(grouchy curmudgeon here)

Blogs tend to be a bit better, for the most part.

If I get to an article that has less than half of the article on a page, I just give it a miss ... well, except for some magazine websites.  There are a few that have articles on four or five pages, because the article would be spread over four or five 8½" x 11" pages, in a fairly small font-size, in a paper magazine.  I can't fault them for wanting multiple ad-loads for an article of that substance.

But if someone sets up their web site for 4 sentences per page-load ...  forget them.

Lots of people are nonbelievers but admire religious people.  They don't believe but they believe in belief.  
Those people are atheists according to the usual definition - someone who doesn't believe in a God or gods.
But they don't normally call themselves atheists.  
S.E. Cupp is unusual only in believing in belief, yet calling herself an atheist.  
She doesn't hold the usual atheist attitudes of religion-bashing, etc.

Show me one of the other nonbelievers, who believes in belief, who will also say that he/she couldn't trust someone who doesn't believe in God.  She's either really an atheist and is selling herself out to the nuts, for a lot of money ... or she's a poser, and we'll be reading about her conversion to fundamentalist Christianity in a few more years.  Either way, she's being dishonest.

Show me one of the other nonbelievers, who believes in belief, who will also say that he/she couldn't trust someone who doesn't believe in God.

That's exactly the sort of thing that's involved in believing in belief.  Trusting businesses more that advertise they're run by Christians, etc. etc.

I've met a few belief apologists.  I've never met one who goes anywhere near as far as she does.  On the other hand, we know that fake ex-atheists are a thing, and I've read things from several of them who smell almost exactly like her.

I think she's putting on an act, one way or the other, given the examples I have available to me.



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