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Grounds for nationwide parties? After all, we're the country that threw thousands of parties to watch the last episode of "Lost."
How to write an article for this group: this

How not to write an article for this group: this here.

No link, no commentary, no clue about anything, just a baboon yelp. So vacant, it even has to have a duplicate post.

If you are not prepared, or are incapable, to construct an article with substance, then just lurk. Don't post, lurk.
Eh, picky picky picky. You want details and opinions ... and ... words. You elitist snob, you. :-P
Fucking oath I am. If someone has something to say, I encourage them to say it in a comprehensible manner. If they are unable to meet this minimal expectation, then they should shut the fuck up. This is not facebook or myspace.




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