Not religious, but I thought it was funny because it matches something Joe mentioned on an old episode of chariots. I'm paraphrasing, but it was something like, "if this election doesn't work out, she can always dye her hair blond and become a talking head on Fox News."

so here we go.

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HA! HAhaHAHAHAhahaha!

Well, at the least she joined the zoo with the rest of the freaks.
That's not idea of heaven is Palin, Ann Coulter, & Bill Donohue all getting hit by a train together---ahhhh....that may lead to at least a temporary conversion (at least until the euphoria wears off and logic returns)

Who needs sitcoms anymore when you get to watch Pathetic Palin??....or are they going to do preventative damage control and only allow her to have written columns?
More than likely they will park her in front of a teleprompter so she can say something that makes at least Faux News sense. You know, try to milk her publicity with the idiot audience.
It's a match made in comedic heaven.
Hehehe. Yeah, I was leaning more towards this when I threw "heaven" in there.
I just herd that episode this morning and thought the same thing.
Joe must have special powers.
"I am so proud to have been elected governor of Alaska. I will fight hard for each and every one of my constituents and make sure that our great state gets the..."

What's that? A VP nom? And I can make how much money selling books and working on FOX?

"I'm only thinking of you, the fine people of Alaska, as I quit midway through my term as governor..."
That sums it up surprisingly well. Well done!
And for the record, I think this absolutely qualifies as religious/Atheist news. Seeing as how both FOX and Palin see themselves as agents of God.


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