Sarah Palin prays for peace and justice; for congresswoman she ordered the assassination of.


Sarah Palin, you soulless, heartless, bitch. You and your ilk use revolutionary, violent, assassination imagery against U.S. politicians, then you give the usual trite, stock, feigned-innocence statement when someone who is very likely going to turn out to be one of your swooning fans actually does go and shoot that congresswoman in the head. For those not familiar with Palin's part in this, here's the graphic that's been on her site for months (not surprisingly, taken down just now):


"Don't retreat, instead RELOAD!" Was Palin's battlecry, asking voters to do away with Democrat congress persons.


I'm about as pro-free-speech as they come. But there must be limits. You don't get to shout 'fire' in a crowded theatre. And you don't get to use your cult-of-personality hold over your mindless minions to put people on a "hit list," complete with gunsight targets over them, use assassination imagery, then act all teary-eyed and innocent when someone who will almost certainly turn out to be one of your mindless minions actually goes and does it. The "Justice" Palin claims to be praying for will be to see her, in shackles and an orange jumpsuit, standing trial for conspiracy to commit murder and treason against the United States.


Sarah Palin, tell me again about your peace-loving, turn-the-other-cheek Jesus whom you claim to so worship and emulate.



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that's really interesting.  i'll have to remember the term.  I suppose the same applies to anti abortion terrorists.
I think solipsists go beyond the world of left- and right-wing.

Here's a crash course in solipsism.  The call with the solipsist starts at 02:39 of the first video:


No one here has stated anything about his political afficiliation or tendency. The point is that a constant flow of violent imagery will affect mentally challenged people differently than a sain person.
It's already been noted on another thread that he cared enough about politics to register as a Republican. Of course, plenty of Heartland punks register as Republicans and don't kill. But, I agree that the verbal violence and hysteria of the Right could well throw one of the less stable ones over the edge.

Last I heard reported was that he had attended a previous town hall meeting by Gifford, and had 'registered' as an Independent.

Do remember that the "verbal violence and hysteria" has come from ALL sides.

A copy of his registration was posted on A/N yesterday but I'd have to look for it - as a Republican.


Do remember that the "verbal violence and hysteria" has come from ALL sides. Smiley


The above is the use a false dichotomy, like saying creationism and evolution deserve equal time in public schools, suggesting that there's some sort of equality between them and that fairness requires equal treatment. I hope not too many atheists fall for it. 

Civility is necessary in all public discourse . . .


Creationism and Evolution require equal treatment by educational institutions . . .


now THERE is a false dichotomy.


And yes, fairness DOES requires equal treatment - perhaps you noticed that blindfold on the statue?

All sides you say... well this list of assassinated USA politicians should be an eye opener for you. I won't do the math for you. Place them in chronological order, remove the judges who were retaliated against by the mafia, then look into each and every political assassination in the USA and then come back to us with WHOM exactly bears the burden of this violence.


It matters not who pulled the trigger, but why they pulled the trigger.


A sheriff makes an unfounded observation and our group of self-proclaimed free thinkers stumble over themselves to express their vitriolic condemnation of someone who has not been demonstrated to have had any part in this tragedy. I'm disappointed - guess I just expect the unthinking liberals / unthinking conservatives to respond with knee-jerk political hatred, but I was hoping atheists would practice a little more critical thinking, not to mention patience and compassion.

so.... you're opinion is that violence spewed out daily by GOPs (including SP) in media such as Faux news is completely irrelevant in matters of crazy people going on killing sprees?

As for Fox - you'll have to tune in to the BBC to get anything like objective news reporting.


As for that map with the targets - the DNC had their own map with bulls eyes during the 2008 election. Is it their fault too? Inflammatory political rhetoric goes back to the very beginning in America - at least we no longer have cainings on the Senate floor. Appropriate? No. But it's part of our political environment.


As for this being Palin's fault - that's like when they use to blame violence on TV every time someone started killing people.


Why jump to accusations and more of the very hate-speak you're decrying? Best we know so far, this guy was a nut case. That he was able to legally purchase a gun IS something we need to take a hard look at.


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