this is a bit belated, I didn't find it here and it looks like religious type news.


Amnesty International


Abdul Hamid bin Hussain bin Moustafa al-Fakki was arrested in 2005 after he was entrapped by a man working for the Mutawa'een (religious police) who asked him to produce a spell that would lead to the man's father leaving his second wife....


Since the end of the holy month of Ramadan a few weeks ago, the Saudi Arabian authorities have resumed executions at an alarming pace. Seven people are known to have been put to death since executions resumed on 5 September, bringing the total executed so far this year to at least 44. In 2010 a total of 27 people were executed.






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And these are supposed to be our friends?
She's got emotional issues, but she's got huuuuuuuuge tracts of land ... with oil.
In my opinion, it's not really enough info to be too concerned here, as the USA also execute its citizens, granted not for the same retarded religious reasons, but until the USA wakes/grows up & gets educated etc, i dont think people in glass houses should be throwing any stones eh?.

I did think about posting how many Texecutions this year, for contrast.  So far this year, there have been 11.  Looks like about 34 executions in the US so far this year.  On the "brighter side", I'm not aware that the US has been executing people for being sorcerers.  It could be argued that the US occasionally executes people for being Black men.  Or for being in the wrong place, at the wrong time.  But executing a man for supposedly weaving a spell to get a man to leave his second wife....   that's bullshit.


As an individual, I'm mostly against executions in the US as well as in other countries.  I might make exceptions for someone who is just too dangerous to be allowed to live anywhere, like Bin Laden.  Or for torture murders, like the men who drug a man behind his pickup truck scraping off his skin and eventually his head.  It's hard for me to justify keeping those guys alive.  

I'm the same. If an execution is to be performed, it should be as a last resort - an amputation performed on society, to remove a part that's far too dangerous to the rest, rather than a punishment for a misdeed.
my thoughts exactly.
Agreed.  But not for practicing witchcraft.

This is...savagery. There's no softer word that fits. Anyone who believes that god shit and will act on it to the point of killing? They're savages, no matter which country they're from, or what language their signs are in.

Why can't we have more happy news in this group... true, it is motivational in the sense that it makes me ashamed of humanity and want to do something about it.
Lets look for happy news.  I anoint you the "finder of happy news".  mazel tov!
That is a tough one, but I wont finish my day without adding a post about happy news today.
Bill Gates is giving most of his wealth to charity and regularly donates millions in computers to public schools. That's all I've got for good news.


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