Fowl play in Saudi Arabia!


Police in Saudi Arabia are crowing about foiling another fowl Israeli plot. They've nabbed a vulture they claim was working for Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency. The feathered spy is a griffon vulture, a species that is found in parts of the Middle East, Europe and Africa. Police say the vulture, which was shot and wounded while trying to fly the coop, was wearing a GPS satellite transmitter and an identification tag which read, "Tel Aviv University - R65." If that evidence wasn't incriminating enough, the Saudi Arabian newspaper Al Weeam claims that the suspect had a "foul odor coming out of its mouth -proof of a zionist plot." The story has now gone viral throughout the Middle East with hundreds of posts on Arabic language websites claiming that the Zionists are training birds to do espionage work.
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A Zionist agent provocateur?

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Please tell me this is a joke.

wow, I think they may have been spying on me also...

few yrs ago i had a vulture problem on my farm.... seems state doh was mulching/stockpiling  road kill next door to me and not covering it so well. vultures saw and easy meal and then would use my cattle's water trough as a birdbath... this isnt so interesting but the way the got rid of them was.

After i complained enough about the birds (they told me it was illegal to shoot them myself) they hired this guy who killed several of them and then hung them from some of my trees in effigy.  I swear it looked like a pagan devil worshiping site if i ever saw one.

but hey it worked within few days all vultures where gone and haven't seen them since.  After talking to the guy that did the deed for them this works on very few animals but works well on vultures.

I had mosquitoes spying on my for the vampires last night!
You have the right to remain... feathery.
Anything you... screech... can be used against you in a court of law.




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