I suppose this is what you might call the thick end of the wedge - first insist that women cover their hair and chest, then the whole body, then the face. Now, it seems, the guardians of 'virtue and morality' in Saudi Arabia are considering forcing women to keep their tempting eyes covered up.

"Riyadh (AsiaNews) – Saudi women with attractive eyes may be forced to cover them up, said Sheikh Motlab al Nabet, a spokesman for Saudi Arabia's Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice (CPVPV), better known as the religious police or Mutaween.

"The report appeared on the news website Bikya Masr. In it, al Nabet is quoted as saying the committee had the right to stop women revealing 'tempting' eyes in public.

"The decision was taken after a man was reportedly hospitalised after a fight with a committee member who told his wife to cover her eyes."


Here's the full  story.

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I think their time is just about over. Those that spent the oil wealth wisely, knowing it would eventually dry up, are few. I saw an encouraging IAEA report that indicates we're close to space-based power generation.

"Scientists from around the world have completed a study that says harvesting the sun's energy in space can turn out to be a cost effective way of delivering the world’s needs for power in as little as 30 years. As important, the report says that orbiting power plants capable of collecting energy from the sun and beaming it to earth are technically feasible within a decade or so based on technologies now in the laboratory."

And I just watched a documentary about using e.coli to produce diesel. Still in the lab, but they've already produced usable fuel.

It's such a shame, though, that so much of the stupendous wealth of the oil countries in the middle east has been squandered by various 'royal families'. They could have used it to drive real progress in their countries and instead they've pissed most of it up against the wall.

Well, pissing against the wall is straight out of the Bible, after all.

Already womens are wearing hijabs.Some likes to wear and sure some dont like also.Only eyes is seen and now they have to cover up the eyes as well ??? So when they go out, how they will see ????????????? They have to act as blind ?? :wacko:
Is this some kind of joke ? I mean...seriously, there is a limit to anything..this is too much. Only one more rule is left and that is to make womens wont come out of home at all.Seems they may bring this rule as well someday...

There is no one who can help those womens.I remember, once i chatted with a morroccan girl.She said..the morroccan streets are filled with saudi mens. Those guys gets attracted by morroccan womens as she told me.They divorce their wife and marries morrocan women.Ive read somewhere that some saudi mens divorce their wife without giving any notice.Mens can do anything....If womens does anything like this...Its wrong and they will get severe punishment. Whoever those guys, who are making rules like these and controlling womens are not human beings.There are some mens like these in many countries who treats their wife like servant.I wish they die badly.

So, burqas with sunglasses then?

What about that sexy piece of skin above the nose and between the eyes?

 I guess that makes more sense than asking men to control their sex drive when around strangers.  




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