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New Yorkers Fight "Turnaround" School Closures

Students and Teachers Defend Public Education

Do we want an educated electorate, or ignorant, uneducated, poorly educated people who vote?

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Which "We" do you mean? Answering a question requires defining the context.

"We" as in Atheists? Definitely the former. "We" as in human society as a whole? The average probably falls somewhere inbetween, but much closer to the second choice. "We" as in the US (given the context provided by the news stories)? Full-on decisive wanting for ignorant, uneducated, poorly educated people who are easier to manipulate, based on following national and local news over the past 46 ½ years and talking to lots and lots of people.

Sean, I like your observation and request for clarity. We, as in the voting public of USA. Voters need accurate, valid, reliable information with access to Factcheck. Thanks. 


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