“Nativity scenes have long been a part of holiday displays at city halls and small-town courthouses across the country. This year, some proponents of secularism are finding new ways to protest the time-honored tradition. They're putting up their own versions of the creche — and causing quite a commotion…”

“This is where the Flying Spaghetti Monster comes in.”


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Nice.  Yeah, people just don't get it.  Put whatever Christmas stuff you like, up around your church.  We don't care.  It's your own property.  Keep it the hell out of public spaces, though.

I wish that just once atheists would present themselves in a positive light.


While it's true that religious displays should not be on public property, this does cause more negativity than it's worth.

I think it serves the message quite nicely.  Let's get all of this shit off of public property.

No - I can't go with this - I have 3 kids - 10, 5 and 2 years old - and that display would disturb my younger two children - it looks distrubing to me - I'm sure that atheists could come up with a better come back than that.....  shock tactics can be useful - but I disagree with targeting children - santa is for kids not adults - can't a little more thought be put into it to come up with a protest that is a bit more sophisticated?

I agree.  A Santa skeleton is over the top.  But, it's good to see that secularists are taking more action in support of separation of church and state, with the side benefit of demonstrating that not all of us share a world view based upon religion.  Getting through the Christmas season in the U.S. is always challenging and frustrating for me.

When I was a child, I'd have loved it.




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