Smithsonian Bows to GOP Pressure, Removes Ant-Covered Jesus from Exhibit

In a story on, Eric Cantor is quoted as saying the video exhibit is "Cantor called it “an outrageous attempt to offend Christians during the Christmas season.”

So the Smithsonian has fired a shot in the War on Christmas, and then immediately raised the white flag.

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Freedom of speech ends on December 1 and starts up again Dec 26. Between those two dates it's all Jesus all the time.
In a comment on his current exhibition at Aros Kunstmuseum, German artist Christian Lemmertz said:
"If I piss on Christ in a cathedral, Christians have a right to be upset. If I do it in the "public space" then they don't". In other words, they can decide inside their houses. Outside, everything is fair game.

You can see some of the Lemmertz sculptures on
That a public institution like the Smithsonian kowtows to the bigoted views of people like Eric Cantor and Bill Donohue is a national shame. Art is supposed to challenge your preconceptions and complacency.
"Art is supposed to challenge your preconceptions and complacency."


It's funny how they find images of torture and mutilation of their imaginary magical hippie acceptable. Go ahead, nail the guy to a hunk of wood, show it in graphic detail, just don't let any insects crawl on him while he's hanging.

Okay, maybe it's time to paint a "hippie nailed to a hunk of wood & covered in fly's" series. ;)
I have read as much of the article on the Faux News site as I could stand. The shock and horror that taxpayer funds would go to this exhibit seems to be the overriding theme. Let's find out how much money that is...

The list of donors:

The exhibition has been made possible by The Calamus Foundation with the leadership contributions of Donald A. Capoccia and Tommie L. Pegues, and The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts. Major support is provided by the John Burton Harter Charitable Trust, E*TRADE, Ella Foshay, Vornado/Charles E. Smith, the Wyeth Foundation for American Art, Catherine V. Dawson, Robby Browne and Madison Cumnock, The Durst Organization, Ashton Hawkins and Johnnie Moore, The Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation, Occasions Caterers, the David Schwartz Foundation, Frank J. Sciame, Jonathan Sheffer and Christopher Barley, and Jon Stryker. Additional significant support is provided by many generous friends of the National Portrait Gallery, including Tonio Burgos and Associates, Cambria Estate Winery, Lisa and Porter Dawson, Craig Kruger and Eric Michael, the Toby D. Lewis Philanthropic Fund, The Morrison & Foerster Foundation, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, David von Storch, Alexander and Bonin, H. van Ameringen Foundation, Lisa Bodager and Rebecca Linder, the David Bohnett Foundation, Dan Critchett and Greg Slimko, Mr. and Mrs. James R. Doty, Charles C. Francis, Sidney Lawrence and Thomas Birch, Weston F. Milliken, Leo Mullen and Helene Patterson, the Jerome Robbins Foundation, James Sharp Brodsky and Philip E. McCarthy II, William Sofield, Peter and Barbara Thompson, Paul Travis & Mark Fichandler, Paul Washington and Stan Sagner, and Diane Wondisford.

The amount of taxpayer money:


Up next on Faux News...Some people say the sky is falling....
I finally saw the picture...I was expecting more ants! I thought that would look cool. I mean, there would be bugs on a body that was nailed to a cross for several days...come on.




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