Jamie Coots who was starring in the reality show, Snake Salvation, died as the result being bitten by a snake he was handling. He was trying to prove that his faith would protect him. Is the outcome likely to discourage his followers? Per the article:


Many wonder what effect Coots's death will have on his followers. The most likely answer, surprisingly, is none. Their religious belief is what in logic is called non-falsifiable; that is, it can't be proven wrong or false. No matter the outcome of snake handling, it's God's will: if he gets bitten and dies, it's fine because God called him home and it was his time to pass, and if he doesn't get bit (or survives the bite) it's because God protected him. It's framed as a win-win situation, so no matter the outcome it reinforces their religious beliefs.


How simple minded can people be?



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Heh, yeah.  I heard about this last night.  Freaking morons.

John, the answer to question is,

"incredibly.  Very, massively, amazingly, simple minded".


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