Since most of us abhor the thought of religious songs/ceremony when we die, I have chosen some music for my funeral (subject to change, of course). I have written it down and made sure my son knows what to do. The only two constant songs are Carl Orff, O Fortuna, and my favorite, which I want the lyrics passed out and sung at the end of the funeral, by everyone present, from the incomparable Monty Python epic Life of Brian, Look on the Bright Side of Life. I've told you mine, now tell me yours.

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Sorry for your loss. I'm just glad you could make a connection, and realize that you got as much out of the relationship as he did. Somehow brings to mind the song "The End" by The Beatles. From Abbey Road. "And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make". Remember him with much joy and love. Peace, my brother.

"Do You Realize?" by The Flaming Lips

Tom Lehrer's "The Elements"

Weird Al's "Amish Paradise" and any of his Polka Medleys

Tom Smith's "Honey-Glazed Ham" and/or "Telly Taley Heart"

George Carlin's stand-up where he talks about not wanting to be buried or cremated, but rather blown up...

Oh heck, pretty much everything by Tom Smith, Weird Al, and Tom Lehrer!




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