Kate Sheppard writing for Mother Jones reports how South Dakota Moves To Legalize Killing Abortion Providers with a controversial new piece of legislation. SD's Republican heavy senate has launched yet another attack on a woman's right to choose with HR 1171. Already the state with the most restrictive abortion rights, HR 1171 includes protecting a fetus under its justifiable homicide law. The bill recently passed out of commitee with a 9-3 vote.  


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Heh, to whom are you preaching?  I don't think we have many pro-lifers on here.

hay....I think every one is pro-life.....its for or against ABORTION or MURDER that is in question.

abortion is leagal and this new "law" will not stand any constitutional test.

murder is not.

I'm not so sure about a new Constitutional test on abortion.  George W. Bush skewed the court quite a bit, with his appointees.  Abortion is only legal because of Roe vs. Wade.  There's no other backup for it.


If we'd had 8 more years under Republicans, they could have gotten enough abortion opponents on the court to overturn Roe vs. Wade and many other things.  There are way too many major decisions that are coming down 6 to 3 or 5 to 4.  We've got one or two idiots on the Supreme Court who think that we should be able to force kids to pray in public schools and don't even vaguely support the First Amendment.

Actually I know one atheist who is pro-life. I even know some who vote Republican (though mostly they are Libertarians).

Yeah, they're out there.  They're just amazingly rare.


I know of a few Libertarians who said they were voting Republican this past election (2010), which amazed me.  Do you really think that the Republicans are going to try harder to shrink the deficit than the Democrats?  It's just a matter of what they'll start cutting from first.


Considering that the Libertarians are at odds with the Republicans on every freaking social issue except gun control, you would think that would outweigh the economic stuff.

This makes me sad. I spent a good part of my youth in SD. I seem to have turned out alright. I guess I should run for office when I get out of the Army next year. See if a voice of reason can be elected. I always remember the anti-abortion people parading around the Planned Parenthood building in Rapid City. They never even offered abortion services there. That office moved, to a nice building at least. Still I can remember all the nuts running around yelling "Stop the baby killers", and the news paper articles paid for by churches in the area.


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