is doing their best to separate Islam from terror by telling Matt & Trey that they'll probably be killed for their 200th episode:

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Good for Matt and Trey. Even better if they respond with even more satirical depictions of Mohammed.
Yes, I have written them to please keep them coming! :)
I heard about this last week after we watched the 1st part of the 2 part series. I couldn't wait for south park to come on for the second part to see if Trey and Matt were going to give the terrorists what they want and shut up. Thank you Matt & Trey for not catering to these self diluted idiots, apologizing and, of course, going to the nearest rehab!! No person, thing, entity or deity should be considered safe from the wrath Cartman and the Gingers--including Muhammad
Leave it Matt and Trey for standing behind there work and not doing what seems to be the trend in this country, (sticking it's head up it's ass and begging for forgivness.) It's makes one wonder why Comedy Central wouldn't stand behind them??
Comedy Central is looking like a bunch of lame corporate pussies right now.
Corporate beancounters always look like lame pussies when it comes to controversy. The only thing that moves their hearts is the bottom line.
I don't think a lot of Muslims watch Comedy Central.
I guess they had to think of their employees being at risk of a plane being driven into their building...



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