After the Bishop of Getafe "demanded" that he undergo psychiatric therapy to 'cure' his homosexuality, Spanish priest, Andrés García Torres, proposed an alternative way to prove that he and his topless Cuban seminarian pal (see above) are straight as arrows:

"Let them measure my anus and see if it is dilated."

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Hehehehehe! Is this fer real?
While inspecting the man's cork hole might lead to an understanding of whether or not he's engaged in receptive anal penetration, it would not have anything to do with his sexual orientation.
Or disprove whether or not he's been playing hide-the-sausage with another man.
The majority of homosexual males with whom I've talked about sex did not participate in anal sex at all. All it would "disprove" (quotes used for sarcastic tone) is that he's not received. It does nothing to prove for or against any sexuality.
Well, it's not really gay unless someone is getting done in the ass.  Hand jobs and blow jobs don't count.  Every guy does those:)  As long as you swallow, and no sperm is spilled, what is the harm?
I never swallow.
This exchange made me giggle, thank you.
Maybe all Spanish gay priests are bottoms.  That's why they have to date Cubans.  All Cuban gay priests are tops.
As far as I can tell, it's for real. The story has been reported on several different sites, including Perez Hilton's site. It could be a hoax. We'll see.

The anus, provided it's not stretched too far or for too long, retains its elasticity and will return to its normal size, so even if he'd had anal sex several times with plenty of lube and plenty of down time between, his anus would show no sign of anal sex. Only an examination of the Hudson's Valves, a set of delicate structures inside the rectum, could show and sign that the exit was used as an entrance, and that's only if it was really rough anal sex.
Yes, this is the part of the story that is the most ridiculous to me.  The anus is a muscular ring that, unless damaged, retains its normal size.  Are there people who think that individuals who engage in anal sex have a permanently dilated anus?  Obviously, there are.  And that disturbs me. 
Mind you, we're talking about catholics here. Is there anything about them that ISN'T ridiculous?




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